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Drake Finally Drops His New Album 'VIEWS'

The 6 God's Toronto opus has finally arrived! Without the "6."

by Jabbari Weekes
Apr 29 2016, 2:39am

After much speculation including, but not limited to, god-fearing billboards, alien-related conspiracies, and #VIEWS ad-libs, Drake's long-awaited new album/ Toronto-opus VIEWS-- not Views from the 6--is finally here. Let us take the time to laugh at #conspiracytwitter and those who thought that Views would come out in January because fourth album+1st month of the year+on day six of the month= 416. You guys were oh so very wrong and deserve to sulk in shame for the full duration of this release. Also, BLESS UP TO WESTON ROAD AND HOTLINE BLING IS A BONUS TRACK. OMG!

Anyways, the 20-track album has a song called "9" which if you didn't know is an upside down "6," and has "Controlla" and "One Dance" sequenced after the other so this album will probably be amazing and dominate all our content for the next week. Download on iTunes now.

Craig Jenkins doesn't like "One Dance" and is a man of horrible taste. Follow Jabbari on Twitter to read more slander about his co-workers.

Views from the 6
It's finally here
Hope Hotline Bling is a bonus song
We also wrote this before it was actually released
In the original copy for this story I wrote that im sad that Hotline Bling isnt a bonus track
But guess what?
It's now a bonus track!
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