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PREMIERE: BBQ Rocks Out His Own Way on 'Mark Sultan'

The garage rock veteran and King Khan collaborator releases a raw and homemade 45.

by Phil Witmer
Sep 25 2015, 2:00pm

Photo courtesy Mark Sultan

In an era where a collab mixtape between two friends that was recorded in less than a week can cause social feeds to lose their shit, the idea of DIY ethics and doing it your own way may hold more water than ever. Mark Sultan is someone who definitely knows about that, since the Montreal native has been recording, writing and performing music for two decades as a solo artist and in various bands including long-running collaborations with garage rock figurehead King Khan. Sultan went under BBQ—the most famous of his many monikers—to record a new EP titled after his legal name.

It’s a brief blast of scruffy, minimalist power pop driven by Sultan’s rock n’ roll wail and lo-fi, in-the-red production. "I decided to record how I used to years ago, live in one or two takes as a one-man band on my 4-track because I missed the simplicity and limitations," said Sultan when asked about the process of recording this album versus his others. "It adds to some of the moodiness and certainly keeps it from my heart, I think. I also wanted to leave space in these songs so people could add their own solos and back-ups.”

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