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Go to War with Demonical and Their Old School Death Metal EP 'Black Flesh Redemption'

Stream the new, steamrolling Swedish DM EP due soon via Agonia.

by Noisey Staff
Apr 22 2015, 3:52pm

As cool as it is for someone like Tribulation to fuck with the formula, its also equally cool to have someone stay true to their roots. Like a warm blanket, Demonical is that band, cranking out HM2-style old school Swedish death metal of the highest caliber. Sure, there are a few blasts here and there, and the vocals lean harder in the guttural direction than many of the forefathers of the genre but hey, chalk that up to progress.

Demonical are readying the release of their new Black Flesh Redemption EP, four songs of steamrolling old school DM of the no frills sort. It’s pure and hateful, just like the icy gleam in a soldiers eye the moment before he runs out of the foxhole, loaded rifle in hand. Stream the whole EP below and order yours via Agonia.

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