Hear a Song from Owen (Mike Kinsella) Off His Split with Kevin Devine

On the fifth installment of his Devinyl Splits series, Devine taps the American Football frontman.

by Noisey Staff
Dec 3 2015, 2:40pm

Kevin Devine embarked on a seven-inch project this year called Devinyl Splits (get it? Because his name is Devine. And it’s on vi—OK you get it and are very smart). Over six releases, he shared sides of records with members of Nada Surf, Perfect Pussy, Tigers Jaw, Cymbals Eat Guitars, and more. For the fifth edition of Devinyl Splits (which, again, we explained where the name comes from), his guest is none other than Owen, the solo project of American Football’s Mike Kinsella.

You can listen to Kinsella’s side of the record, a song called “Critical Condition” below. We can confirm that Devine’s side is equally great but you’ll just have to buy the thing for yourself here. And if you’re one of those vinyl-hoarding supernerds, you can grab them here.