Purity Ring Announce Second LP 'Another Eternity' and Drop New Tune "Begin Again"

It's a dark, cosmic banger.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Jan 13 2015, 5:01am

This year just got so much better. Following Purity Ring's lowkey debut of new song "Push Pull" last month, the duo announce their long awaited second record, Another Eternity, scheduled for a 3.3 drop date via 4AD. Cue squeals of joy and contented sighs: just seven-ish weeks to wait!

Not only this, but above is another song from the album to whet our appetite. In many ways "Begin Again" is classic Purity Ring, with Megan's manipulated tones sounding fragile and assured over skittering hi-hats and heartbeat thuds, but the synths in the chorus spear, stab, and pulse like any chart demolishing EDM artist out there (Calvin Harris, Tiesto, we're looking at you). It's a banger alright, but thanks to Purity Ring's skewed pop nous "Begin Again" sounds dark—inky like the night sky and cosmically vast.

As for the accompanying visuals—very "Ringu."

Another Eternity Tracklisting:

1. heartsigh

2. bodyache

3. push pull

4. repetition

5. stranger than earth

6. begin again

7. dust hymn

8. flood on the floor

9. sea castle

10. stillness in woe

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Kim Taylor Bennett predicts "Stranger Than Earth" will the album's highlight. She's on Twitter.