PREMIERE: Head North Can Have Fun with Purpose in Their Video for "The Bells"

Get your eyes checked before you watch.
September 25, 2015, 1:46pm

A couple weeks ago, we showed you the band Microwave and their super cool and fun video for "but not often," from their split with the band Head North. Everyone that clicked and shared with all their friends, family, pets, living things with ears loved it. But they all had the same question: How fucking sick is the Head North side going to be? If you're still a person/being with working ears, it's time to dig into the other side of that split with Head North.

Head North is a band from Buffalo, NY that play stonery pop-emo rockcore, whatever you wanna call it, for you to laze around or skate around to. Instead of relying on the typical power-chord laced kinda thing you can find from any kid from a suburb, the band pushes together multiple elements that turn into one succinct product of cool. "The Bells" is a model of this, the guitars create a pace that subtly builds off of itself into a huge chorus, and then winding the guitars back down to where it started. Each texture pops up as the song continues in its path, adding new sides and shapes to the song. The video for "The Bells" matches the song's tone and style, showing the band playing in trippy-ass layers on top of one another. Singer Brent Martone wrote this about the video,

"The Bells is one of those songs that just kinda clicked the first time through for us. I wrote the lyrics for the song about being born quickly after a marriage, like being born to the echo of church bells, when parents are people and love is real and there's promises of a brighter future. I don't know. Its been a lyrical theme that's been coming up a lot lately in our songs but this song felt more like a final piece to a puzzle. We wrote it after Redwood and before Willow Tree, the other two songs on our split with Microwave."

Watch the video below, and pre-order your copy of their split with Microwave right here.