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The Internet Just Dropped a Three-in-One Video for "Special Affair," "Curse" and "Palace"

Three different vibes, one featuring Tyler, The Creator.

by John Hill
Mar 7 2016, 1:32pm

Last year, The Internet put out their third full-length record Ego Death, and goddamn did we love it. Today, the group has put out a new video that encompasses three of the songs from the record, "Special Affair," "Curse," and "Palace." Each section takes up a different kind of video, "Special Affair" slowing down the black and white footage of a dance party, and totally capturing the song's beat. From there it goes to "Curse," turning on the colors and circling around the group playing out the song. In the last section, they bring out Tyler, The Creator who leans hella cool while the camera zooms out back to the party, in full color.