Watch Kanye West Candidly Discuss Torrenting and Artistry with the Paparazzi

It's not a rant. It's from the heart.
March 6, 2016, 6:14pm

Kanye isn't one to fear speaking to the paparazzi. For a lot of us, seeing candid videos of him speaking to random paparazzi serve as a window to his personality. Clearly he's aware of this also, allowing it to serve as a way for him to communicate messages to people, like in this recent video of him having a conversation with a group of paparazzi outside LAX. In this discussion, he brings up the recent accusations of him torrenting software, poking holes in Deadmau5's attacks. He also gets critical and speaks about how he wants to use his position to try and make life easier for people, in some aspect. It's a great watch and gives a lot of insight into what's been going on with Kanye recently.