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Premiere: See All The 'Colors' of the Internet With the New Birthday Boy EP

Listen to the Toronto-native's new EP that exists in a post-Kaytranada universe.
August 19, 2014, 2:10pm

Toronto's own Birthday Boy has never been one to shy away from funky noises. His submission for the Noisey Canada Mix series was one of the bounciest we've had the pleasure of hearing, and now he's got an entire EP that's just funk layered on top of funk. It's music that you can listen to on your birthday, boy. Or, for that matter, any other day, boy. Birthday Boy has been creating music that's been aptly described as post-Kaytranada for a while, so this EP should keep all of his existing fans happy while hopefully recruiting some new one. If it's your birthday, consider this Noisey's gift to you, and even if it's not your birthday, you're still welcome.