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Aphex Twin Just Released Two Brand New Songs

AFX is back, as acidic as ever.

by John Hill
Aug 11 2015, 4:23pm

It's hard to fathom how much music produced by Richard D. James is out there, and he's only releasing more and more. After a thirteen year break to release Syro, James is switching from the Aphex Twin monkier to release a new record, Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-2008 under AFX for the first time since 2006. Today he released two new songs, "Simple Slamming b 2," and "midi pipe1c sds3time cube/klonedrm." The former track is a bumpy, acid infused track reminiscent of his earlier work, while "midi pipe1c sds3time cube/klonedrm" is an exercise in strange texture and distortion.

Listen to "simple slamming b 2" below, and check out "midi pipe1c sds3time cube/klonedrm" on Bleep.