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YG's Video for "Still Brazy" Is an Instant Blassic But You Knew That Already

This video is... very red.

by Phil Witmer
Jul 13 2016, 4:43pm

Image via Vevo

YG's Still Brazy proved the Compton rapper to be the possessor of a vision that unites several generations of West Coast rap under a bright red kerchief. The video for the album's title track somehow came out before the one for "Why You Always Hatin?" but it's another clear example of YG making the past into the future.

Borrowing from the ultra-minimalist aesthetic of many a mid-00s rap video, YG and his crew basically dance wearing all-red and/or white through an all red-or-white backdrop. Also, YG literally sets the floor on fire with his moves, which is the braziest part of this generally balm and bool video. Go blick on the "Still Brazy" video below.

Phil feels that these puns can get a bit brass sometimes. Follow him on Twitter.

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