Listen to the Alternate, Career-Ending Version of Drake's "One Dance" From Culture Clash


Jun 30 2016, 10:06am

Remember when everyone laughed at Popcaan because Drake dropped the Jamaican artist's verse from his latest album, Views? Then, when the Red Bull Culture Clash came around (which we've handily recounted here), do you recall that omission being used against Popcaan as some sort of lukewarm diss?

Well, what happened next was that Popcaan's Mixpak crew flipped the tables around and pulled out a Drake dub of "One Dance"—a.k.a. one of the longest running number one singles of all time hich they used to metaphorically destroy Taylor Gang, UKG All Stars and Eskimo Dance, with Wiley eagerly vacating the building to jump on the next flight home to Napa. The moment was golden. It was unavoidable. It will go down as a historical event in the great bible of clashing.

Anyway, that dub has now found its way online. Perhaps you can press play and feel like a champion. Maybe you'll put your headphones in and feel blessed. Whatever the case and whatever you do, just channel the spirit of Popcaan and be strong. Listen below: