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Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift Are Being Petty Online and Literally Who Cares but We Know You All Care and Here Are All the Angles You Will Performatively Care Over the Next 24 Hours

How will you choose to get Mad Online?

by Noisey Staff and Noisey Redactie
Jul 13 2016, 5:29pm

Photo via Calvin Harris's Instagram

Famous singer Taylor Swift and Scottish man Calvin Harris are two people who used to be in a romantic relationship. Their relationship ceased at the start of last month. When romantic relationships come to an end, there is often animosity between the two once-involved parties and, in the case of Swift and Harris, this animosity was written about on the internet for people to read.

This morning TMZ reported today that it was Swift who wrote Harris’s hit song “This Is What You Came For” and that Harris acted in a manner that Swift deemed to be unbecoming. According to “sources connected with” Swift, this led to the end of their relationship.

Harris confirmed this report on the social media site Twitter and then proceeded to get sad about it in a very public way. Like so:

There are many conclusions that can be drawn from this, and we can expect to see them all in the coming hours. To save you time and hassle, here are all of the takes:

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