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PREMIERE: Explore the Frozen Unknown in Digits' Video for "Safe"

It's 'Interstellar' meets 'The Thing' in Digits' newest visual.

by Noisey Canada Staff
May 14 2015, 1:20pm

Photo courtesy of Bryanna Reilly

With the release of his sophomore album Get Through just weeks away and available for pre-order, Toronto electronic pop artist Digits has delivered a new video for his song “Safe.” Set in an icy tundra, the video follows a lone explorer who stumbles upon one peculiar organism. As the solo excavator approaches the strange, moss covered being, he abruptly rips a chunk of the creature off and takes it for himself. Following his finding, the voyager wanders into a desolate forest where the creature produces what appears to be an egg. Nothing slimy with an excoskeleton bursts forth, but that doesn't stop the video for “Safe” from being an eerie exploration of solitude and discovery.

When asked what inspired the treatment of the video, Digits said “I wanted to make a music video that seemed like it was set on another planet, because Earth is a bit boring, and I like for my videos to be as sci-fi as possible. Usually they're set in alternate worlds. The director (Bryan Sutherland) noticed that it was winter, so we started thinking about ice planets, like Hoth or Antarctica in John Carpenter's The Thing. We wanted me as the only human exploring an ice world, encountering a creature that was both mystical and horrifying, and we liked the idea of contrasting ice, moss, and fire. We were also inspired by Alien, using stark lighting with flares, and mixing expansive shots with claustrophobic ones, and having hidden monsters throughout that you never really get a clear look at.”

Catch Digits live at Artscape Gibraltar Point on May 30 and check out the video for "Safe" below:
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