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PREMIERE: Listen to a New Song from Blackout, Brooklyn's Next Great Doom Band

They like it heavy, baby.

by Kim Kelly
Feb 5 2015, 3:31pm

Ever since Naam went gently into that good night, Brooklyn's been crying out for its next great band of heavy riders. We've got a shitload of killer black metal, death metal, speed metal, experimental stuff, and I guess indie rock or whatever, but one thing this town's been sorely in need of is a solidly crushing doom band. Hull filled that void for a decade, but now that they too are tapping out, there are only three people we can turn to: Taryn Waldman, Christian Gordy, and Justin Sherrell. Together, they are Blackout, and if you're a fuzz aficionado who live anywhere near the Five Boroughs (or anywhere else, really) you're going to want to get real familiar, real quick.

Blackout's jammy, smokey take on doom melds Sleep's mammoth riffery with a wobbly, supremely distorted Saturnalia Temple vibe. 2013 saw the successful self-release of their debut We Are Here, and now they'll be releasing their self-titled sophomore LP via Riding Easy Records on March 31st. If you're local, you can even see 'em bring it all to life at a just-confirmed album release party at Union Pool on April 11th.

We've got a sneak peek at the mind-melting riffs to come—listen to "Human" here:

Kim Kelly still needs to get tickets for Hull's last show (and is also on Twitter).