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Omarion's O-Face: The Playlist

He's latest project, Care Package 2, dropped this week, and is packed with sensual songs to set the mood.

by Lauren Nostro
Nov 8 2013, 5:00pm

If Omarion had to create a care package for his lady, it’d be pretty simple: handcuffs (not the furry ones), hot oils, a pink vibrator, a mixtape of love songs, and of course, a photo of himself. He’s been thinking about it ever since his Care Package 2 tape dropped earlier this week.

I met up with Omarion at his Atlantic Records home where he was slouched on the couch next to his lady to talk about his latest MMG project. If you didn’t have the pleasure of tuning into the press conference last year where Lyor Cohen got pretty real ("Rick has the biggest office in the world. The streets."), Omarion is now Maybach O. Really. He even has a tattoo on his hand to prove it. But before we got into making one of the sexiest playlists of all time, we talked a bit about his new project, which features appearances from Nipsey Hussle, Casey Veggies and Audio Push.

Omarion’s job is important. He’s the only crooner on MMG—which just signed the sluttiest boy in the world, Fat Trel, and Atlanta’s Tracy T. “[They’ll tell me] that what I do is important to them, and important with us. My contributions to Self Made 2 and 3, I had the opportunity to stand out because I am the only singer.”

Two of the standouts songs from Care Package 2 are “Too Much,” which was written for his current lady after a fight, and "Diamonds & Hennessy with Audio Push, whom he’s known from Los Angeles krumping sessions. Yes, those still happen. “There's something raw and real about those emotions and knowing like when I get in a circle, you know, people are actually gonna be like, what he gonna do?"

In between all the krumping and MMG board meetings, Omarion's perfecting the sexual crooning he's been doing for years. It’s only reasonable to ask Omarion if he makes love to his own music. “I think in my mind I think it's corny but in all actuality it's not, not when your music sounds like mine.”

Sure, he doesn’t listen to a lot of his music while having sex. Only Usher does that. And he doesn’t listen to anyone from MMG in the bedroom either, even Rick Ross. I know this, because I asked.

So, Omarion put together a very sensual playlist to use in the bedroom:

R Kelly “ The Greatest Sex”

“It expresses the true emotion behind feeling and being sensual, and the idea of having the greatest sex. I think he's so descriptive and because of the way that the keys are played on there, it plays in an ascending and descending melody—you know, so it does something—the climax.”

Sade “Never as Good as the First Time"

“Sometimes I like to just listen to like music that has no lyrics or melody. Ambiance music. Sade does something special. (He sings half of the song) I feel like Sade is the all‑day sex. Like if we ever had sex for a day, and then woke up in the morning and it’s just her vibe all day.”

The-Dream “Wake Me When It’s Over”

“You definitely want to have some Terius Nash. I like to play the music low enough because I'm musical. If I enjoy a song too much during sex I'll probably start singing it or I'll probably start listening to the chords or the progressions. This is one that I can tolerate without getting too involved in the song. It still has that Dream tempo that feels good.”

Jodeci “Stay”

“It’s about what it’s saying, you know? It was like back in that time where their music and a lot of other R&B, was about begging. But it was a cool beg. It wasn't pathetic. You need to stay. Stay.

Jill Scott "Crown Royal"

“And let me tell you why. This song, because of what she's saying. She's being really sexual in this song. Have you ever listened to the lyrics? Listen to what she says? [Plays song] Did you hear that? She said, "You went so deep I'm breathing for you." Woo! She's sensual."

Maxwell “This Woman’s Work”

“He sings in this falsetto and there's not a lot of falsetto singers that sound masculine. And he's one of the few. Him and Robin Thicke are the two dope falsetto singers that I see as masculine, you know what I mean? Because nobody wants to listen to a high‑pitched feminine dude. Maxwell is awesome. I actually grew up on Maxwell because that's all my auntie used to listen to. I was like 12 or 13 singing his songs. We talked once, on Twitter, going back and forth, and he was just, ‘I’m loving what you do, and you're fucking awesome and if you ever want, need anything or want to just hang, just hit me up.’”

D'Angelo "The Root"

“I like my sex playlist to have a tempo. I might start off as slow like when I say Sade, and then it might move up to a little bit more like ‘The Root.’”

Janet Jackson "Rope Burn"

“I think Janet's voice sounds really sexual but nasty at the same time. It's almost as if she’s a sex goddess or something because the way you're hearing it and the way you're receiving it is not really what it is. It entices you. She's very enticing."

Robin Thicke "Teach U a Lesson"

“Because after you play this, you might want some more. But see the beat gives you the rhythm. If you want to speed up real fast you can go right back down to it, woo! I’ve got to teach you a lesson."

You can download Omarion’s Care Package 2 Mixtape here.

Lauren Nostro listens to Rick Ross in bed. She's on Twitter - @laurencynthia