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Water Torture is Hate Committed to Tape on their New LP 'Pillbox,' Streaming in Full

Out now via Nerve Altar and streaming in full at Noisey
August 5, 2014, 6:59pm

Hailing from the rust belt must be frustrating. And maddening. And borderline psychotic. Then again maybe I'm just drawing conclusions based on the new LP from the Buffalo, NY trio known as Water Torture. Comprised of seventeen tracks, most of which hover around the minute-mark, this Buffalo team clearly takes notes from similarly "well-adjusted" folk like Iron Lung, Endless Blockade, and PLF by creating venomous and cacophonous poiwerviolence/grind. Their new LP, out today, is called Pillbox. It's basically hate committed to tape, and you need to own it.

Stream Pillbox in full below, or preorder the vinyl and get your digital copy for the affordable cost of "whatever the fuck you want" at Nerve Altar.