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The Dirty Nil’s New Song Is a Reminder: You Can Be Pissed Off If You Want to

But it sounds too good to be pissed.
June 30, 2014, 7:10pm

You know how you can sometimes generally dig a band but hate one teeny tiny element about them and it almost ruins their entire sound for you? Sometimes a metal band will totally slay but have vocals that sound like a cat choking on a furball. Or other times, a pop punk band can sound incredibly fun until they try to throw some high-pitched guitar riffs in that just try way too hard. Well, the Dirty Nil are equal parts perfect on all fronts.

There’s something about the Dundas band’s sound that makes them so goddamn likeable. They’ve managed to land themselves right smack in the perfect mix of 90s grunge nostalgia, lo-fi punk, and catchy power pop. They put out an obnoxiously short EP a bit ago called Smite. At only five songs, it only left us wanting more. Fortunately, they’ve got a new seven-inch coming out via Fat Wreck Chords on August 19 and you can stream an absurdly catchy song from it “Cinnamon” below. Sound levels max out as they yell, “You can be pissed off if you want to!” And while it's a great reminder of our freedom of passive aggressiveness, there’s nothing to be pissed off about as long as the Dirty Nil are putting out jams like this.

Also check out this interview with the band and some tour dates below...

7/5 – Toronto ON – Sneaky Dee’s
7/8 – Detroit, MI – The Rockery
7/9 – Chicago IL – Schwag City
7/10 – Minneapolis MN – Midway House
7/11 – Lincoln NE – Duffy’s Tavern
7/12 – Denver CO – Meadowlark
7/13 – Salt Lake City – Shred Shed
7/15 – Olympia WA – The Northern
7/16 – Seattle WA – Highline
7/17 – Portland OR – Katie O’Briens
7/18 – Sacramento CA – Cafe Colonial
7/20 – San Francisco CA – Honey Hive
7/21 – Oakland CA – The Nightlight
7/22 – San Jose CA – The Rock Shop
7/25 – San Diego CA – Soda Bar
7/26 – Phoenix AZ – Trunk Space
7/29 – Austin TX – Beerland
7/30 – New Orleans – Gasa Gasa
7/31 – Atlanta GA – Wonder Root
8/1 – Nashville TN – East Room
8/3 – Cleveland OH- TBA