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Crate Expectations: Tom Findlay

One part of Groove Armada shares the tracks that helped to build his musical tastes and empire.

by Tom Findlay
Oct 27 2014, 11:05pm

Like most people, DJs and producers have specific songs tied to events throughout their lives. In Crate Expectations, we extract a playlist from their memories to tell their story. This week's subject: Tom Findlay.

THUMP: What's the first song you ever loved?
Tom Findlay: It would probably be something my folks played a lot. "Upside Down" by Diana Ross was one track my mum did the hoovering to a lot. Not that she hoovered much but when she did we'd hear this.

What are the first two songs you ever mixed together?
I'm not sure if I've quite got there yet, but if I have achieved that kind of musical nirvana then I think "Human Nature" by Michael Jackson would have been part of it. That was a track that we all tried to mix on something Balearic.

What is your worst guilty pleasure song?
Ah, far too many to mention! For now, "Hold the Line" by Toto is very front of mind. But honestly I could make a quadruple album of guilty pleasures and still have plenty spare.

What song have you had on repeat in the last month?
Something from my Automatic Soul comp, as that's essentially been stuck on repeat this last month. "You Know I Love You" by George Smallwood is pretty ever present.

Which track of your own do you love the most?
Well of course there are many. But first one that comes to mind is "Chicago" for its sheer dogged simplicity.

What track of your own do you hate the most?
Well you know it's a love/hate thing with "At the River," but deep down I do sort of love it and have great memories of making it. So let's say "But I Feel Good," as it's a bit daft and has a great video that saves the day.

What track are you most excited to drop in a sets?
There's a track called "Meelo My Bro" by Brillstein, the Jesse Rose mix, and it's just utterly infectious and totally fail-safe. The production is so on point, though try it on about +6.

What's your favourite track that you wish worked in a set?
"You're The Song I Always Wanted To Sing" by Timmy Thomas. I'd love to close a set in Ibiza with it one day, but I'd no doubt be covered in a pile of beer bottles and hooch if I tried to.

What's the last song you want to hear before the lights go on?
It's been "Superstylin" for the last 20 years so would be a bit rude of me not to mention it.

Tom Findlay's (Groove Armada) newly compiled, reedited and mixed album Automatic Soul is set to be released by Late Night Tales on November 3, you can pre-order it here. Be sure to follow Groove Armada on Facebook for more updates and events. Tom's latest remix compliation with Tim Hutton, together as Sugar Daddy, can be found here