The Saints, Who Play in New Orleans, Are Reportedly Interested in Johnny Manziel

Of all the places Johnny Manziel could wind up in a possible NFL comeback, New Orleans is probably the worst.

by Mike Vorkunov
Mar 23 2017, 8:44pm

You know where Johnny Manziel probably shouldn't go? Bourbon Street.

You know where Bourbon Street is? New Orleans.

You know who is kicking around the old tires on Manziel? Sean Payton.

You know which NFL team he coaches? You see where this is going.

Johnny Manziel and the New Orleans Saints—how's that for a nice combination? Payton had breakfast with Manziel last month at the Super Bowl, according to an NFL Network report, and Ian Rapoport made sure to point out that this wasn't just Payton checking in on a guy trying to make a comeback. "Payton is interested in Manziel possibly joining the Saints sometime in the future."

At some level this makes sense. The Saints need a future QB. Manziel has a Heisman. Former first-round pick. You get it.Then you remember, wait, this makes little sense. Manziel partied, lied, and crashed and burned his way out of the NFL. His agent dumped him. He was charged after an alleged domestic violence incident. He kept drinking.

Look, maybe his life is on the upswing. Let's hope. We root for happy endings and true reclamation. His agent took him back. He told a judge: "Everything has been going extremely smoothly and my life is trending upward."

That's great. But why try to sign him and put him in New Orleans? You can get a drink anywhere and party wherever if you're an NFL star, but it doesn't mean you just bring the vice to him.

And there's one more thing: He's not any good.