Philadelphia 76ers

76ers Win on Last-Second Alley-Oop Inbound Play

The Sixers organization didn't even believe it, but they won at the buzzer.

by Patrick Sauer
Jan 4 2017, 5:11pm

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New Year; Same Process.

Last night, Joel Embiid posted a 25/8/3/2 line in a win against the 11-24 Minnesota Timberwolves and his Western Conference measuring stick Karl-Anthony Towns (who was on point as well with 23/15/5/2.) The Process even broke out a sweeping, borderline vintage Kareem Skyhook, which only portends good things for the future. (You heard it here first, the all-time scoring record is on the table.)

It was a big win for the 76ers, as they moved to 9-24, vaulting past the Brooklyn Nets for the second worst record in the NBA. Things are looking up in Philly as the calendar flips. Aussie Wonderboy Ben Simmons is practicing, and partying, with his new mates, and what better way to start the Trump era than with a breezy victory over the "we were all way too optimistic about the Wolf Puppy" squad. The Sixers were up 26 in the third and coasting home, barely breaking a sweat and—

With 6.5 seconds left, the Wolves got the ball into the hands of the deadly lights-out shooter...Wait, that isn't Ricky Rubio of the .360 three-point shooting percentage is it? Well Feliz Año Nuevo! Tie ballgame!

Fortunately, the Sixers have a hot hand of their own, Robert Covington and his 35.2 percent from the floor. Whatever. Dude can play D and when you get Embiid freezing Towns while picking off Andrew Wiggins as Rubio stares off into the heavens thinking about that no-longer-a-game-winner?

It's time to make floor angels.

The 76ers organization wasn't buying it. But it counted. Bucket's good. Sixers win. It's a new day. Process trusting remains in effect.

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