Campus Club That Called Feminism Cancer May Have ‘Fired’ a Fake Member

In damage control statements to media, members of a Wildrose Party group at University of Calgary said they fired the person responsible—but former members question his existence.

by Sarah Berman
Mar 8 2017, 11:29pm

A conservative campus group that sent around an email saying "feminism is a cancer" may have somehow dug itself into deeper shit.

Wildrose on Campus at the University of Calgary told media earlier this week that they fired the person responsible for the message, which was promoting a screening of the men's rights documentary The Red Pill scheduled for International Women's Day.

"You and I both know feminism is a cancer," read the email sent Monday. "To create a dialogue on campus, we have decided to take action."

Alberta Wildrose Party leader Brian Jean called out the "inappropriate" comments in the legislature on Tuesday. "I was extremely disappointed, but let's be clear," he told media, "this is not a registered association of the Wildrose."

The group promptly apologized for comments that "do not reflect the opinions of the executive or the club" and told the school's student newspaper that the group's director of communications, Robert McDavid, had been let go as a result. The club's president and vice president have also since resigned.

As first reported by the campus paper, The Gauntlet, former executive members of the club are now questioning whether Robert McDavid was ever a member, or even a real person.

"I have never met or known someone by this name," former WROC president Jenn Galandy told VICE. "I have been asking other current WROC members if they know this individual, and I can't find anyone who does."

Today The Gauntlet reported that the Facebook profile for Robert McDavid was created on March 7, and was removed today.

In an email to VICE, an unnamed member of the group countered that Robert McDavid was a member and held the position for just under a month. "After death threats were received, we do not blame Robbie for deleting social media," reads the email. "We will not take part in a witch hunt."

The group's former president Ben Robinson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Galandy released a statement saying she is not surprised that the group was caught in this particular shitstorm "because that is who these people are. It is my belief through this ordeal, they are anti-women, anti-feminist, anti-LGBT."

Despite the controversy, the men's rights documentary screening was slated to go on as planned. "I believe as individuals we should have the freedom to speak about these issues, and watch films that relate to men's activism, or feminism, or what have you," Galandy told VICE. 

"However, to have an event like this on International Women's Day upsets me, because I feel like it is degrading to all the strong women who have fought, and are still fighting, for women's rights."

UPDATE: "Robert McDavid" is not registered as student at the University of Calgary, according to The Gauntlet.

Lead photo of former Wildrose on Campus president Ben Robinson via Facebook.

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