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Discussing 'Watermark' on Georgian Bay with Jennifer Baichwal, Nick Pencier and Ed Burtynsky

We went to meet Jennifer Baichwal, Ed Burtynsky, and Nick Pencier on the Georgian Bay to discuss their new film Watermark, which looks at our planet's relationship with water through the scope of ten different countries.

by Patrick McGuire
Sep 25 2013, 8:15pm

On Friday, Jennifer Baichwal and Ed Burtynsky's new film Watermark will be released in Toronto at the TIFF Lightbox and Varsity Cinemas before it pops up all across Canada on October 11th.

As a topically unrelated follow-up to the pair's widely celebrated documentary about factories and landfills, Manufactured Landscapes, Watermark explores the planet's relationship with water. To make this incredibly epic documentary, Jennifer, her husband and cinematographer Nick Pencier, and Ed traveled to ten different countries. They did everything from visit the construction site of a Chinese dam set to be 8x the size of the Hoover Dam, and they checked out a mind-bogglingly large religious ceremony by the water in India.

Since we think the film sounds like one of the coolest and most difficult-to-produce documentaries (Canadian made or otherwise) that's been released in quite a while, we went out to speak with Jennifer, Nick, and Ed on the Georgian Bay in Ontario to discuss Watermark, water itself, and how their own understanding of water changed while making this film.


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