Sorry, Rihanna Doesn’t Have Her Own Weed Line Hitting the Market

Stoners worldwide are weeping bitter tears as they learn MaRihanna was all a beautiful lie.

Nov 19 2015, 8:41pm

Photos via Instagram user badgalriri

Our collective fantasy of looking as hot as bad gal Riri whilst inhaling has just been killed.

It was a short-lived pipe dream. Reportedly, she had found a way to monetize her love for weed.

According to "" earlier this week, she was planning to launch her own line of weed in early 2016 called—wait for it—MaRihanna. But then New York Magazine's The Cut did its journalistic due diligence and spoke to Rihanna's people, who said the line isn't happening, after all.

The fictitious weed line was supposed to include three strains: Haitian Haze, Karribean Kush, and Jamaican High Grade, as well as edibles and concentrates. Before Rihanna's publicist got back to The Cut, they'd reported that she announced her latest side gig at the High Times Cannabis Club in Jamaica last weekend. According to the illustrious, the uber-cleverly named weed line was to be sold where it's officially legal to buy weed and blaze: Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

Frankly, I'm disappointed for her. I was glad she'd finally found something to do with herself. It was getting annoying to watch her try to be a singer/fashion icon/feminist calling out white privilege and the economic subjugation of women. None of it was really quite working for her. Her endless success was kind of sad.

In all seriousness though, perhaps Ri should consider a weedy business venture of sorts, given the interest in the fake story. 18karat reported that she said she was the first to launch a line of this kind. If this whole story were true, however, that wouldn't be the case. Everyone's favourite stoner, Snoop Dogg, launched his weed line Leafs by Snoop last week at a private party in Denver, and Willie Nelson is working on a line of weed and other THC products called Willie's Reserve.

As weed laws loosen up both in Canada and the US, it's not an unreasonable thing to speculate that we'll see more designer lines hit dispensary shelves soon.

As for Rihanna, it appears she'd rather be smoking weed.

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