Teens Allegedly Sent Snapchats of Them Torturing and Drugging Cat

“Your cat loves molly.”

Nov 22 2017, 4:59pm

Photo via Facebook

The beginning of the Snapchat sent to a young woman in Vancouver begins simply, “your cat loves molly.”

The cat’s name was Gigi, and is owned by the Haglund family in Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. The Snapchat clips were allegedly of Gigi being tortured and sent to a young woman from people she described as “former friends” early Tuesday morning. Sharline Haglund, the mother of the young woman, contacted police when her daughter told her of the snaps. Haglund told CTV that the cat got out and must have went with the kids because it had seen them before.

A Facebook post made by one of the young woman's friends outing the alleged perpetrators, reads that one of the accused sent a snap “to the owner of the cat showing her that they were drugging her cat with MDMA and shaving her fur off, and then throwing her out a window.”

A photo posted to Facebook of the cat after it was found. Photo via Facebook.

The internet being the internet did as it does when it hears of a cat being abused and quickly launched into formation to find the feline.

The Facebook post includes a screenshot of a snap in which the cat is roughly being shaved with a razor—the post was shared over 1,000 times. What really occurred to the animal is unsure at the moment, as Haglund told CTV that she heard that the cat was given a bath in bleach and released it while it was still drugged.

"It's just getting worse and worse," said Haglund to the news outlet. "They let her go, drugged, in the middle of the night and now she can't find her way home, or she's not even able to."

While Haglund didn’t think that the cat would survive, it was found and returned to the owner on Tuesday night. The person who found the animal commented on a local gossip site that the cat showed signs of abuse.

“She came running up to me and meowing like crazy,” the user who found the cat wrote. “I quickly knelt down and put her in my hoodie to warm up. She is indeed shaved and very shaky, she also has 666 [shaved] in her ear. Her owners came and got her and she is safe.”

The RCMP confirmed to CTV that they are now investigating the incident with the assistance of the BC SPCA.

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