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Finally, Jonny Greenwood Has Revealed Who Out of Radiohead Is the Hardest

A fan Q&A in The Guardian has finally put the issue on everyone's lips to bed.

by Lauren O'Neill
Mar 15 2018, 1:30pm

Lead image by Zach Klein via Wikimedia

It's always the seemingly trivial stuff that keeps you awake at night. What would happen if you put a can of Coke in the microwave? Does Drake vape? Who or indeed what is inside the Mr Blobby costume? Also: who out of Radiohead would win in a fight?

That last one is a toughie, as Radiohead are known for being sensitive babies, and so has, I'm sure, left a number of us tossing and turning at 3AM multiple times. Thankfully, Jonny Greenwood, in a new fan Q&A with the Guardian, has finally set the record straight. Answering a question from reader TheJoyofEssex ("Who is the hardest member of Radiohead?"), Greenwood says: Ed O'Brien is the hardest member of Radiohead. Thank God.

It’s not a very strong field. Having said that, Ed’s had boxing training – he was sparring with the head of our concert security on the last tour – so he’s probably quite tasty. But also the most placatory and pacific of all of us. I reckon Philip would be pretty handy if he had his wild up with someone. Unlikely, but still, don’t push him. The rest of us are… not a threat.

"Not a threat" is probably the best way I have ever heard anyone describe the members of Radiohead.

Anyway, elsewhere Jonny talks about getting nominated for an Oscar, the specific craft of writing film scores, his relationship with director Paul Thomas Anderson blah blah blah – but really the important part is the scrapping, which I am very relieved is settled. You can read the rest here though, if you want.

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