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Get Tilted and Reckless to NETTO’s “The Weekend”

Never stop the riddim.

by Devin Pacholik
Oct 4 2017, 5:27pm

Image provided by artist

We can't be bothered with weekdays. Weekends are for true intellectuals. If you are distinguished enough to realize this fact, NETTO's "The Weekend" is an afro-beat hit that is specifically for your refined tastes. The new video by the Toronto-based artist—directed by CJ Shoots Media—shows the best side of Toronto: The danceable one. As far as we're concerned, NETTO's rhythm-soaked vision is one worth dying for, or at the very least getting tilted to and dancing with fine looking people. "I only ever come out at night," NETTO says on the track.

"This record is very Toronto." NETTO wrote to Noisey. "Anyone from this city can relate to this song. It's easy to know where I'm from simply by the lyrics I sing. Late nights in the studio, rum in my cup, rolling backwoods with Rich Kidd. I produced this riddim (beat) that sounds different but has a Caribana feel to it."

Watch NETTO's "The Weekend" below:

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