All Our Photos from the Best Queer Club You Can Find in a Field

All Our Photos from the Best Queer Club You Can Find in a Field

I really don't remember NYC Downlow's tenth anniversary party looking like this.
June 28, 2017, 2:55pm

2007 was a truly iconic year. The first iPhone was released. Lindsay Lohan crashed her car. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie went to jail. Britney released Blackout and coined the phrase "It's Britney… bitch!" And, somewhere in the middle of a field in Somerset, NYC Downlow was created, AKA the UK's most enduring and infamous queer club and Glastonbury's best party.

A lot has changed in the past ten years—some of it for the worst—but NYC Downlow remains exactly as it's always been: a fun, filthy paradise for queer people and hedonists who have stumbled across mud-caked fields towards the bright pink lights like zombies looking for a good time. I couldn't tell you everything happened at this year's ten-year anniversary party, even though I was there for hours on end, but I do know that Johnny Woo and his drag troupe were out in full force with faces beat for the gods, and, at one point, they read out all the names they wanted to thank for the past ten years and transformed them into an hour-long house banger. There was also obviously a lot of voguing, gogo dancing and ecstatic, dilated pupils.

I probably had the best night of my life, and, judging by all our photos—some of which actually look fucking terrifying—so did everyone else. Enjoy below:

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(All photography by Chris Bethell)