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PK Subban Keeps Trolling Away, Arrives to Game 4 with Bag Full of Mouthwash

The Subban-Crosby Breathgate isn't going away.

by Kyle Cantlon
Jun 5 2017, 9:44pm

Photo by Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

PK Subban is keeping his troll game strong and his breath game minty.

Nashville's star defenceman, who made (more) headlines following Game 3 after claiming Sidney Crosby chirped his alleged bad breath, rolled into Bridgestone Arena on Monday carrying a grocery bag full off Listerine mouthwash. Because why not.

Breathgate began as the Predators put the finishing touches on a 5-1 Game 3 victory Saturday night in Nashville, when Subban and Crosby came together and exchanged some pleasantries near the end of the third period. Subban, being the nice guy he is, was more than willing to share what was (apparently) said between the two superstars.

"Usually when guys chirp after a game or during the game it's usually about your game or something personal, but he went on to tell me that my breath smelled bad," Subban said to NBC's Pierre McGuire after the game.

"And I don't know why, because I used Listerine before the game. So I thought my breath smelled great."

He was obviously trolling—letting out a shit-eating grin as he told his outrageous tale to McGuire—but people from all sides of the Subban spectrum lost their shit as this weird exchange became one of the stories of the Cup Final. The saga got even more strange when Crosby responded to the accusations that he verbally assaulted the quality of Subban's breath-stench.

"Yeah, he made that up. I didn't say that," Crosby said Sunday. When asked if he felt Subban was just trying to get him off his game with his comments, Crosby said, "yeah, that's part of it."

"He likes the attention and things like that. If he wants to make things up, what can I do?" the Penguins star continued.

The two will inevitably lock horns during Game 4 on Monday as they have all series, but at least we know this time, with certainty, Subban's breath will be fresh, clean, and 99.9 percent germ-free.

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