World Cup

Video Shows Croatian Firefighters Called to Duty Just Before Beating Russia

A whole group of firefighters were watching Ivan Rakitić on the verge of sealing a World Cup Semi-Final berth during penalties, when they snapped into action.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Jul 11 2018, 4:51pm

Screenshot via Zagreb Fire Department

When the World Cup is on, time freezes and everything stops to witness victory and defeat on the pitch. Thankfully, everything stops—except your local fire department.

The Zagreb Fire Department recorded a video of what appears to be a whole batch of firefighters watching the end of Croatia's match against Russia at their station—and having to leave at the super crucial moment of the final penalty. Sadly, the majority of the firemen had suited up and were already on their way out the door—in really impressive speed—before Ivan Rakitić scored to send Croatia to the next round:

Along with their Facebook post today, the fire department issued the following statement, as very poorly translated by Google:

Fire plays today for the semifinal. We are not fired, but we are dealing with fire. Careful when using torches and pyrotechnics, we can (finally) look at the fires.

It's possible this is a staged public service announcement for fire safety during today's game against England, but given the fact that these guys snap into action in a for-real kind of way, and the pretty high probability of some kind of flare and fire issue happening around the time of a climactic soccer moment, it's also entirely possible that this video is the real deal. Let's just hope Zagreb doesn't fuck things up when Croatia beats England today.

This article originally appeared on VICE Sports US.