Finnish Goalie Makes 100 Saves in a Game and Loses

The 16-year-old faced 105 shots and posted a .954 save percentage, but his team lost 5-0. Criminal.

by Kyle Cantlon
Dec 4 2017, 9:57pm

Image via Flickr user mark6mauno

Sixteen-year-old Finnish goaltender Juuso Kopra is a national hero.

The Kisa-Eagles under-18 team netminder got absolutely shelled by an onslaught of rubber Sunday, facing 105 shots from opponent Porin Ässät and stopping all but five of them. When the carnage was said and done, Kopra finished with a .954 save percentage on the night despite suffering a 5-0 loss.

Though they should've be on the ground kissing his dirty skates and feeding him grapes for the effort he put forth despite their substandard effort in front of him, his teammates apparently gave their goalie a standing ovation in the room after the game.

Kopra made a minimum of 30 saves each period (30-31-39), while overall his team was outshot 105-12(!) on the night. To put that in perspective, the highest-scoring team in the NHL in 2016-17 was the Pittsburgh Penguins, who averaged 33.5 shots per game during the regular season. Kopra, who just turned 16 a week ago, faced that output every period on Sunday—and he lived to tell the story (apparently).

In nine games this season, the Finnish goalie has a .923 despite rocking an inflated 4.66 goals against average. Kopra is NHL draft eligible in 2020, if his legs don't fall off before then.