Suspect in Reddit Confession Murder May Be Fleeing to Mexico

Police say Ager Hasan, wanted in Canada, was last seen in Tennessee.

by Allison Tierney
May 25 2017, 6:33pm

Image via Reddit

The suspect in the murder of Melinda Vasilije has reportedly been spotted in Tennessee and could be fleeing to Mexico, according to police. Ager Mohsin Hasan of Hamilton, Ontario is wanted for Vasilije's murder, which occurred in a home she shared with a roommate in Kitchener, Ontario. Reportedly, the two had been dating before her death.

A post on Reddit appeared days after the murder in which the poster, who claimed to be Hasan, confessed to the crime, describing in detail what happened and saying that he'd be turning himself in or killing himself.

"I understand the early judgements made by society, distancing myself makes it seem like I am trying to escape a crime. I'm not. I'm only trying to give myself some space and fully take in what happened before I turn myself in," the post read.

At the end of April, Hasan crossed the US border and was seen on camera in a Walmart parking lot in Erie County, Pennsylvania stealing a licence plate off a car and putting it on his vehicle, a black 2016 Honda CR-V that originally had Ontario plate BPKT509. Police now say he has made it to the southern US.

US authorities tipped off police in Canada about the latest spotting of Hasan, which happened Saturday, May 20 at about 8:15 PM at a truck stop in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee off Interstate 40.

"Right now our investigators are working with Tennessee authorities to determine any surveillance video, anything that may be available to continue the investigation," Waterloo Regional Police Insp. Mike Haffner told Global News on Wednesday.

"Obviously our main concern, our main focus, is either to locate Mr. Hasan and either encourage him to turn himself in to a US law enforcement station or have US authorities arrest him down there."

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