Alt-Right Recruitment Flyers Are Telling White People to ‘Save Richmond’

Every racist has a flyer now.

by Manisha Krishnan
Nov 18 2016, 5:07pm

In the latest low-budget display of Canadian racism since Donald Trump was named America's president-elect, white supremacists targeted Richmond, BC residents with alt-right recruitment flyers.

As reported by Global News, the posters, placed in residents' mailboxes, feature a cartoon of a dude laughing beside the stars of the Chinese flag. They read: "Step aside, whitey! The Chinese are taking over! ...So you can now enjoy the 'privilege' of being marginalized in the community your forefathers built, have neighbours who refuse to speak your language, and not be able to afford a home!"

"Not what you signed up for? Join the alt-right. Let's save Richmond!"

Two alt-right websites are also listed.

Similar posters, posing a series of asinine rhetorical questions like "Figuring out that diversity only means 'less white people?'" were found at a park in Toronto earlier this week.

Police in both cities are investigating the respective incidents as potential hate crimes.

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Flyers promoting the Ku Klux Klan were also delivered to the doorsteps of homes in Abbotsford, Mission, and Chilliwack BC along with bags of white rice last month.

Those flyers read "Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan! Yes! White Lives Do Matter!" (as if that were ever actually in question) and "We Must Secure the Existence of Our People & A Future for White Children."

Meanwhile, according to a Facebook post on Bunz Trading Zone from last night, a bunch of young white guys wearing alt-right logos on their clothing have been hanging out at the Westin Hotel in downtown Toronto.

With Trump and his white nationalist friends in power for at least the next four years, we can probably expect more of this garbage propaganda. But at least we can take comfort in the fact that their recruiting tactics have not improved since the early 20th century.

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