Justin Bieber Escalates Fan Encounter with a Punch, But He's Also Just Tired of Everything

Bieber is done with this year, and so are we.
November 23, 2016, 3:46pm

While you can make a case for Justin Bieber being in his career apex right now, it doesn't seem like Stratford's favourite son is as satisfied as the rest of us. His tour has shown him to be awkwardly and agonizingly trying to fit into his own stardom, and his continued incidents may be proof of that internal conflict.

The latest of these occurred in Barcelona. Video from _TMZ _shows a fan attempting to touch Bieber's face as he drives by, to which Bieber responds by punching the guy in the face, which draws blood. Obviously, this isn't the smartest way to react, even in self-defense, but surrounded by hysterical fans, Bieber could have lashed out without thinking. He's clearly tired of this year, and we are too, Bieber. We are, too. Watch the video below.

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