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Fehrplay Gave Us the Recording of His Live Set at EPIC 2.0 in NYC

He also gave us tips on how to hit the bathroom in the middle of a DJ set.

by David Garber
Nov 14 2013, 9:19pm

Jonas Fehr, aka Fehrplay, is saving progressive house. Along with his B2B partner in crime, Jeremy Olander, and under the careful tutelage of the all-seeing messiah, Eric Prydz, this tatooed Norwegian has been flying a flag for lucscious, melodic grooves that in today's EDM-scape are disappearing like the Dodo.

After honing his DJ skills in Manchester's underground club scene, It wouldn't be long before Fehrplay's talents caught the eye of progressive master and dance music icon, Eric Prydz, who was quick to snatch up the young star and give him a formidable spot on his Pryda Friends imprint, a move that almost instantly placed the young Norwegian's among the throne of the prog house elite. But that's not to say he didn't deliver on his—shall I say—destiny?

Tracks like "Incognito," "I Can't Stop," "Phantom," and the deep and delicious "Monte" will flood your feelings cortex, and have swaddled fans and industry folk alike into states of blissful awe. Recently, Fehrplay and Jeremy Olander joined their their bossman, Pryda-won-kanobi, on his E.P.I.C 2.0 American tour, a mind-boggling visual experience full of 3D holograms and all the euphoric, progressive synthesizer magic you could want.

The two young guns went back-to-back on all dates throughout the tour and had one especially epic (get it?) sesh opening up for Eric when he brought the hammer down on NYC's Hammerstein ballroom in front of 4,000 progressanites. Is that a word? Who cares—I just invented it. Ferhplay was nice enough to answer a few questions for us THUMPers in addition to offering up a live recording of the NYC set, one that is already cemented into the history books at the Library of Congress. I'm serious, it's there. Check it out.

THUMP: What was your first encounter with Eric Prydz like?
Fehrplay: I had been so lucky to move into Eric's old studio in London after he moved. One day he decided to pop by to say hello. It was cool, but it felt a bit awkward sitting in his chair in his studio.

What's the craziest thing you've witnessed going on in the crowd from the booth?
There's all sorts of craziness going on down there. I love that bloke on the first row who's buzzing his tits off, about to enter some other dimension. That's always fun to see.

What's been the highlight moment of the tour so far?
The E.P.I.C shows in New York and LA have been pretty special, but for me I think the best moment was at Uniun in Toronto—incredible atmosphere and club.

Who would win in an arm wrestling match—you or your tour mate Jeremy Olander? What about a foot race? Hot dog eating contest?
Well, Jeremy only eats one tiny meal a day, so I'm pretty sure I would take him down in arm wrestling. The low intake of calories make him very light as well, so I think he could outrun me in a heartbeat. In an hot dog eating contest, there is no doubt. I do that for fun!

Best pre-set snack?
Hot buffalo wings. The amount of wings that have gone down on this tour is crazy.

Best post-set snack?
Pepperoni pizza slice. Mmmm.

What do you do during your set if you really, really have to go to the bathroom? Has this happened to you?
Yes, it has happened. It's a tricky one. You just have to find a place in the track you can loop, where it doesn't sound too crappy, and then leg it to the bathroom. Fortunately this has only happened once, during a long set. A good idea for next time would probably be to get a piss bucket or something.

Funniest moment on tour so far?
All the times I scare the crap out of Jeremy. I film it every time, and then amuse myself with it when I'm bored [laughs].

Favorite track you've been playing out on the tour so far?
It doesn't have a name yet, but I played it for the first time back-to-back-to-back with Eric and Jeremy at E.P.I.C in New York. It's a great anthemic track that I've been working on while on the road.

Track that's been getting the best reaction?
Pryda's "Vega." It's an oldie, but it still goes off like nothing else.

Best hotel you've stayed in on tour so far? Best meal?
Best hotel must be the Redbury in Hollywood—such a nice atmosphere and every room gets a record player, with loads of cool, classic vinyl to play. Best meal was definitely Buca in Toronto for Jeremy's birthday—best Italian food I've ever had.

What's going on in your head the moment before you step in the booth?
It's all a little bit chaotic. But I try to plan a little bit ahead based on how the crowd is.

What do you love most about Norway?
The beautiful archipelago in the summer, and the beautiful mountains in the winter. Also the food. I love all the healthy options. And the woods. Ah, theres a lot!

If you had to listen to one song on repeat for the rest of your life what would it be?
"Beat It" by Michael Jackson

What are you most excited about for the next year ahead?
Going to Asia and Australia. I've never been to Australia, so that should be a lot of fun! Also, releasing a lot of new material that I've been working on!

Catch the upcoming dates on the Pryda Friends North American Tour with Fehrplay and Jeremy Olander
11.15 @ Aurora, Banff
11.16 @ Encore, Edmonton
11.22 @ Penthouse, Montreal
11.23 @ Pacha, New York
11.29 @ Aragon Ballroom, Chicago (Final E.P.I.C 2.0 Show w/ Eric Prydz)