Huerco S. Shares a Gossamer 30-Minute Ambient Track

'QTT4' is available on cassette via new NYC label Quiet Time.

by Alexander Iadarola
Oct 18 2016, 4:29pm

Release artwork courtesy of the label

New York-via-Kansas producer Huerco S. shared an ethereal new 30-minute ambient work yesterday called QTT4, out via new NYC label Quiet Time. Made up of a little more than a glacial procession of gossamer chords allowed to ring out at their unhurried pace, we can certainly recommend it for mediating workday over-caffeination.

The label has uploaded it to SoundCloud to stream for a limited time, but the release is only available to purchase as a cassette. The price tag is $13, but it gets you a zine designed by artist Kisa Sky Shiga as well as two copies of the release: "one for you, one for a friend," says the label.

QTT4 is the fourth of Quiet Time's first batch of releases; Aquarian, Money, and Baby produced the other three, which you can also hear on SoundCloud.

Huerco S. has been generous with his ambient compositions in 2016; he shared the luminous LP For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) in June, and it's one of our favorite releases of the year so far.

According to Quiet Time's Bandcamp page, QTT4 will ship on or around October 24.

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