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Neil Landstrumm Wants to Save Us From Fossil Fuels

On this episode of Rave Curious, the techno stalwart considers how we can help the world beyond the club.

by Joshua Glazer
Nov 29 2016, 7:05pm

Neil Landstrumm has been releasing confounding techno floor-fillers since the mid-90s, with releases on Tresor, Planet Mu, and his own Scandinavia imprint. The Scottish producer has no obvious connection to the Northern European peninsula, despite the name of his label, but was closely affiliated with the wonky techno scene of UK producers like Christian Vogel and Si Begg in the late 90s. It's a sound that recently reemerged in conversation, in part because of a confounding absence of producers like Landstrumm in the recent Tresor 25th anniversary celebrations.

"What bothered us was that not one of us was included. It's not me, personally," he says of the "brouhaha," but sagely states that labels come and go, "like booking agents. Ha!"

Not that Landstrumm is sitting at home sulking. He continues to release music at the same pace he has maintained throughout his two decade-long career. He's also preparing for an existence after techno. Next step? Solving the fossil fuel crisis facing humanity.

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