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Kickstarter Is Planning to Relaunch Music Subscription Service Drip

They acquired the company in March, after it had announced plans to close down.

by Alexander Iadarola
Sep 7 2016, 7:27pm

Photo courtesy of Drip

Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has announced plans to relaunch the music subscription platform Drip, formerly known as, possibly later this year. The move is part of a general pivot on the company's part to collaborate with the traditional music industry, attempting to create partnerships with more artists and labels under its head of music Molly Neuman, former member of Riot grrrl band Bratmobile.

There is no official relaunch date yet, and Kickstarter hasn't shared any concrete details about what to expect, but Neuman gave Musically some clues for what to expect in an interview about the announcement: "We want to have a way for our creators to connect: especially ones with large fanbases who will continue to be independent and self-releasing, but who would want to have an option and opportunity to have a digital fan-club and a direct connection to their fans on an ongoing basis," she said.

Neuman also noted the "focused and very time-sensitive" nature of Kickstarter campaigns, saying that there was the possibility for artists' supporters to continue engaging with projects after they were released.

Back in March, Kickstarter purchased Drip a month after they had announced plans to close down. In its previous incarnation, the site facilitated subscriptions directly with artists and labels that not only offered catalogs of releases, but access to individual song stems, events, videos, and more. Ghostly International label heads Sam Valenti and Miguel Senquiz initially started the site in 2011.

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