Here’s What Justin Trudeau Needs to Get Done in 2017

From marijuana legalization to overhauling C-51 and kickstarting the economy, the Canadian prime minister has a lot of work to do.

by Justin Ling
Jan 2 2017, 6:15pm

Justin Trudeau's come-from-behind victory in 2015 heralded the onset of some pretty drastic changes.

Marijuana would be legal. A new voting system would be in place within five years. Canada's anti-terrorism legislation would get a renovation. Mandatory minimum sentences would be cut down. Government information would be open by default. Veterans would get a better deal. Infrastructure spending would boost the economy. Canada would win a seat on the UN Security Council. Pipelines would revive Alberta's oil economy.

None of that was supposed to have happened immediately. But, more than a year later, a healthy skepticism is now growing around whether Trudeau and his nascent government can really deliver on his more ambitious policy plans—and whether he can, as he promised repeatedly, change politics as we know it.

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