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Allan Rayman Summons the Folk and R&B Devil in New Single "Faust Road"

Throw out whatever you think about "indie" before you hear this song.

by Phil Witmer
Dec 8 2016, 3:33pm

Photo by 512 Productions Inc.

Generations of musicians are said to have made a Faustian pact, but on "Faust Road," Allan Rayman sounds like he's channeling Lucifer himself. "She always loved the old me, not much to know about me / but now I'm a new man" he growls, a line that would have been Drake-ian in other throats but gains menace in Rayman's backwoods tone. "Faust Road" itself is a brief but intoxicating song that populates the middle ground between indie folk and contemporary R&B in a more exciting manner than most can, with real urgency provided by Rayman's vocals and an equally real knock in the beat. 

You can stream "Faust Road" below.

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