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Why Quebec’s First Single Malt Isn’t a Whisky… Yet

"I will not say what the recipe is or how many herbs are inside, but you will love it and find it magical."

by Nick Rose
Jan 12 2017, 5:21pm

Photo by Alison Slattery

Janos Sivo's distillery is located on a farm along the Canada-US border, in Franklin, Quebec.

"Two kilometers south of here, this would be a whisky," he says, pointing to a bottle of Quebec's first single malt.

In Canada, a whisky needs to be aged for three years in oak barrels in order to be called a whisky. Two kilometers south of Sivo's farm, in the Land of the Free, no such requirement exists; as long as the age is indicated on the bottle (but it's only considered a "straight whiskey" after two years).  

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