France Outclass Ireland with Heroic Comeback, Despite Early PK

Ireland France Euro 2016

Jun 27 2016, 2:16pm

It was hard to know who to root for going into today's Euro 2016 matchup between Ireland and France. On the one hand, Ireland, the most lovable underdog in recent memory, sought out revenge against France for their flagrant (and bought) Henry handball ahead of the 2010 World Cup. On the other hand, France, still reeling from the horrific attacks on Paris on November 13, have done a wonderful job hosting this year. In the end, it was a heroic victory for the hosts, that witnessed a comeback from a 1-0 deficit to end the game 2-1.

Ireland seemed to receive their karma early as Robbie Brady was fouled in the box in the second minute. He also took the PK, and absolutely pinpoint nailed it off of the post to zag behind the wrong-footed keeper. It was enough to give Roy Keane an extra three feet of vertical leap:

Ireland put up a tremendous effort to hold their lead, threatening to score more at nearly every of their ample opportunities. But France eventually earned their favored status, as they surged with a resounding comeback to put Ireland in their place—all thanks to Antoine Griezmann's single-handed effort.

In the 57', Griezzman was the recipient of a gorgeous cross, which he absolutely rocketed into the back of the net with a header.

He later found himself wide open with a ricocheting back pass and a one-on-one date with the Irish keeper, and he capitalized.

Ireland's Shane Duffy was sent off in the 66th minute. But no matter. France had already swung the momentum their way, and proved themselves worthy of a quarterfinal visit. à votre santé.