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Watch This Foul Ball Turn Fair Thanks to Some Physics Defying Spin

Christian Colon was on the receiving end of some hard luck when a clear foul ball suddenly turned fair thanks to some crazy spin.

by Aanu Adeoye
May 11 2015, 4:23pm

In the second inning against the Tigers, Royals third baseman Christian Colon sliced a 1-1 breaking ball from Shane Greene into foul territory, about five feet off the first base line. Then the world started working against Colon. After the initial bounce, the ball immediately took a hard left and started rolling right back into fair territory where Miguel Cabrera easily scooped it up and beat Colon to first base. Instead of a 1-2 count with a man on second, the inning was over and Colon was robbed of an at bat thanks to some serious english. That thing wasn't just foul, it was in the grass a foot off the base path.

The Royals would get justice, but it would take its sweet time to manifest until, finally, in the tenth inning when Omar Infante drove in Alex Gordon on a sacrifice fly to centerfield and Kansas City beat Detroit 2-1.


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