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Cubs Dress Up Like Kyle Schwarber from His Purple Pizzazz High School Choir Days

The Cubs made fun of Kyle Schwarber's song-and-dance routine from high school.

by Sean Newell
Oct 28 2016, 5:44pm

This is a video of young slugger Kyle Schwarber singing and dancing in his high school choir back in 2010. They called themselves Purple Pizzazz, and they were definitely purple and pizzazzy. Schwarbs is front and center, or would be if the video weren't recorded by someone with no control over their limbs, and he's pretty into it.

The videos—there are a few—made the rounds this time last year when Schwarber was mashing taters into the stratosphere and the Cubs made a little video to poke fun and celebrate his return (even though he won't be in the starting lineup the next three games because the National League is a trash league that values form over function and does not employ the designated hitter).

Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, David Ross, and other teammates got dressed up in suits two sizes too big and recreated the Purple Pizzazz routine. Schwarbs makes an appearance to close out the performance. Like Schwarber himself, it's great fun, yet fleeting (because, again, the NL is a poorly conceived baseball league). Ross even calls him an idiot, but Schwarbs doesn't care one bit, he's just out here living the dream.


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