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Russell Westbrook Makes History with Triple-Double on Perfect Shooting Night

Westbrook became the first person in NBA history to notch a triple-double while having a perfect night from the field and the foul line.

by Mike Vorkunov
Mar 23 2017, 3:12pm

Russell Westbrook had another triple-double Wednesday night. Eighteen points. Fourteen assists. Eleven rebounds. Yaaaaawn. We get it, Russ, you're good.

But wait, there's more! This triple-double was special. Like, nobody-has-ever-done-this-before-in-NBA-history special. Westbrook didn't miss a single shot on the night. Took six field goal attempts. Hit six field goal attempts. Took six free throws. Made six free throws.

Pretty damn impressive, Russ. Your thoughts?

Whoa! Even Russ was impressed by that. Damn, that's how you know it was special.

The free throws were the most significant part of this. Guys have come close to perfection before. Draymond Green, the former resident triple-double lord, went nine-for-nine against the Knicks last January, but he missed two free throws (one of which was an airball, but who's counting). Bo Outlaw was two missed free throws away from doing it in 2000. Westbrook, an 84 percent free throw shooter this year, didn't miss.

Six more of these triple-doubles, he'll tie Oscar Robertson's season record with 41. Which, if you can't do math, means he'll have ended this year with a triple-double in half of his games. It's like he's a robot sent from the future to destroy rims and stat sheets.

But, wouldn't that be something, Russ?