Tom Brady

The FBI Found Tom Brady's Stolen Super Bowl Jersey on "Foreign Soil"

Multiple law enforcement organizations finally tracked down Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jersey.

by Dave Brown
Mar 20 2017, 2:51pm

Photo by Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The FBI—the FBI!—and NFL security have recovered not one but two missing Super Bowl jerseys worn by Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The more recent theft, noticed by Brady in the moments after New England beat Atlanta in Super Bowl 51 in February, prompted quite a stir. It turns out that Brady's jersey from Super Bowl 49 also was missing, and both items reportedly were found "on foreign soil," according to Fox's Jay Glazer. Foreign soil? Did all of the Navy Seals get back OK?

So Brady has his stuff back (or he will soon), but who is responsible for these larcenies? The NFL sent this out Monday morning:

Not everyone believes the NFL, though:

Back to the official story: "A credentialed member of the international media," the league says. The important words here are "credentialed" and "international." Credentialed, meaning someone who supposedly was vetted and thus allowed specific access to the players' locker rooms after the game. International, meaning it wasn't someone based in the United States. Phew! Patriots stealing from Patriots would have been too much to bear. Glazer provided further details on the developing situation in a tweet later that day:

It's likely the NFL needs to take a closer look at just who it is they're letting into locker rooms. It's also possible that, with the state of journalism these days, the guilty party is simply a real reporter supplementing his or her media income with memorabilia larceny. There's another possibility, too:


We know that Russian President Vladimir Putin is an avid collector of Patriots memorabilia. Perhaps he's using a member of Russian state media as an agent of liberation. You can't prove it's not true!