Drake and LeBron James Sat Down to Talk About Vince Carter and Toronto

The two recently executive produced a documentary about the basketball star.

by Lawrence Burney
Sep 25 2017, 5:05pm

Drake has never been shy about his love for basketball, even when it makes him look like a complete nerd. In his most recent dealing with superstar hoopers, he sat down for a conversation with LeBron James and former Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat star Chris Bosh. The three linked up to chat about the cultural impact of Vince Carter, former Toronto Raptors superstar and arguably the best dunker of all time.

During the conversation, LeBron and Drake touched on what Carter meant for them individually, with James saying that he wanted to go to North Carolina for college just to be like him. Carter's influence on Drake exceeded athletics, though. He mentioned that he believes Carter's prime brought visibility to Toronto as a place to be considered as a key destination for nightlife:

"Vince did a cameo in a Kardinal [Offishall], Glenn Lewis videos. That, to me, was crazy because those were guys that just—I didn't know if they could go that far at that time. I don't think any of us thought we could go that far at that time. And the next thing you know, we got JAY-Z performing in like a parking lot for Rock the Caribana, which we had never heard about in our life but they just created an event around our city because we just had excited. We finally had something."

Drake and James executive produced a documentary on Carter, The Carter Effect, which aired at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month. The three also discussed what it took for them to achieve the amount of success they have over the course of their careers. Watch the conversation above.

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