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Some Shitbirds Killed Thousands of Bees from a Youth Project


by Mack Lamoureux
Jun 13 2017, 3:55pm

Photo via flickr user DoeLay

I can't believe I have to say this but… don't kill bees, kids.

Like seriously, I do get it, bumblebees look dumb, sting if provoked, and dealing with them feels like a giant hassle but, one day, you're going to grow old and realize the importance of bees which will then prompt you to then get real sad about the fact they're dying like crazy, and feel like a real jerk for killing them.

Over this weekend, in Halifax, around 80,000 bees were killed when some shitty ass vandals fucked up their hives in Spryfield, a suburb of Halifax—according to Metro Halifax, over 40,000 to 50,000 are still "in great peril."

To make the matter worse, the bees were being raised by a bunch of kids who are, and this is the scientific term, super goddamn bummed that their bees were killed. The hives were part of a youth social enterprise by Family SOS that would teach kids to beehive and they were prepping for their first crop of honey in the summer.

In total, the project had two of their three hives (and honey) ruined. In speaking to Metro Halifax, the people behind the project said that the hives were worse about $300 bones but the honey inside was worth $1000s.

The vandals apparently used to basketballs and sticks to knock over the two hives which were then even more ruined by heavy rain. The people behind the project have said that they already have some people offering donations to get some bees in the hands of the kids once again.

It needn't be said but bees are kinda important as, for a large part of the world, they're nature's most important pollinators and, for the last decade, bees worldwide have been dying off at an insane pace due to a multitude of factors. So, if you kill them, you're going to piss off a massive contingent of the internet who really, really care about bees.

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