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RALPH's "Young Hearts Run Free" Cover Makes Us Want to Watch 'Romeo + Juliet'

The pop singer pays tribute to both the disco original by Candi Station and a cover by Kym Mazelle that appeared in the Shakespeare epic featuring young Leonardo DiCaprio.

by Sarah MacDonald
Jun 28 2017, 2:40pm

Photo by Maya Fuhr

Say what you will about Leonardo DiCaprio but that man's shiny diamond and blue eyes are real showstoppers. There is no stare quite like the one DiCaprio gives us than the one in Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet, wherein, as he is looking through the fish tank at Claire Danes' Juliet, we all collectively collapse into ourselves. An iconic duo and film, that gave us this incredible outburst, Romeo + Juliet also became a gateway for forgotten music to be reimagined (like Shakespeare's work) in a contemporary context. The film's soundtrack is a beautiful blend of old and new in a sonic kaleidoscopic swirl for your ears. Toronto's RALPH, who has had a busy few months since her self-titled EP release racking up millions of streams, covered Candi Station's "Young Hearts Run Free." The jazzy, disco 70s track—with a few sad and hard lyrics— is fundamentally triumphant with its horns and chorus. The song is a wild night lit up by neon lights and the soft mauve of the sky as the sun rises at dawn. Station's track would come to the attention of audiences when a Kym Mazelle appeared in Luhrmann's film.

RALPH pays a lovely tribute to both Station and the track, which is in her sonic wheelhouse. Disco dripping pop with mesmerising drums and synths coupled with RALPH's powerful vocals make this cover a must-listen. Toronto's best pop act offered us the song that should be soundtracking your summer of debauchery. "I was obsessed with the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack as a kid, I listened to the songs over and over on my DISCMAN," says RALPH of the tune. "'Young Hearts' was one of my absolute favourites, so it has a really sweet nostalgic element for me. Plus, the lyrics really resonate and feel like something I would write, they're honest but empowering. Not sure if the track will be on the album, so for now it's a summer teaser. Go forth and party like Mercutio in that sweet white sparkle bustier!"

Listen to the track below:

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