All of the rights: Kanye has gone full MAGA

Kanye and Trump both have "dragon energy," the rapper tweeted.
April 26, 2018, 1:08pm

Kanye West’s beautiful dark twisted fantasy has come to pass now that President Trump has tweeted at him.

Kanye, who has recently been flooding his page with erratic tweets, shared his support for the president earlier on Tuesday. Kanye said that he and Trump both have “dragon energy,” although he did note he doesn’t agree with everything the president thinks.

And Trump responded in kind. Kanye was so excited about being the subject of one of the president’s infamous tweets that he took a photo of an Instagram page that took a screenshot of Trump’s tweet about him.

Earlier Wednesday, Kanye also tweeted a picture of himself in a MAGA hat with two unidentified men. Then he tweeted that the MAGA hat is autographed.

"MAGA!" Trump responded again.

But Kanye also said he “loves Hillary.”

And Peter Thiel is apparently jonesing to meet him.

Of course, Breitbart reporter Charlie Spiering brought up Kanye’s Trump tweet during the White House’s daily briefing. But Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders set the record straight: Trump and Kanye haven’t hung out since their December 2016 rendezvous at Trump Tower.

Apparently, even Kim Kardashian West wanted her husband to clarify his previous tweets about Trump.

About an hour after that, Kim wanted to clarify her own opinion.

But Kim still thinks her husband is “years ahead of his time.”

She also chastised the media for pointing to Kanye’s tweets as evidence of a mental health crisis.

Donald Trump Jr. then quoted Kim's tweet and said he was “with her.”

Earlier this week, Kanye tweeted his support for alt-right darling Candace Owens, comms director of conservative nonprofit Turning Points USA, who thinks Black Lives Matter was just “whiny toddlers.” Kanye said he “likes the way she thinks,” which set off a new wave of conservative love for the rapper.

He then tweeted short video clips of a 20-minute video titled, “Kanye West Showed the Way to the Golden Age” by Scott Adams, the Dilbert guy.

Conservative media went wild.

Kanye's clearly been in his zone — and steadily gaining followers since his return to Twitter, according to Twitter Counter.

We hope your master plan pays off, Kris. Don't you know you never go full MAGA?

Cover image: U.S. President-elect Donald J. Trump and Musician Kanye West pose for photographers in the lobby of Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York City, NY, USA, on Tuesday, December 13, 2016. (John Taggart/Pool/Sipa USA/Sipa via AP Images)

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